The result of being his property for over two years is that I am afraid of him. He knows how to fuck my small cunt and ass so it is painful, he slaps me casually and carelessly and grips my fat tits to pull my mouth to his cock.

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Geo 2 years ago
You guys are fucking weird
Julian 2 years ago
I'm glad you found a dom you trust enough to do this with. I hope I have a sub like you some day
Tori 2 years ago
I need this man in my life
PervertedWolf666 2 years ago
Omg if I didn’t love you too already, I do now <3

Please do more of these talking after scenes, it’s proper cute seeing you together and also very cathartic - for you guys too I’m sure but for us too

To see you brutalise her and then both calmly and lovingly discuss it is amazing
Bella 2 years ago
It's great that you show the"after care" side too!
My dom is fucking brutal sometimes, especially if I've been bratty. But as soon as the scene is over he's at the ready with my fave snack, a fluffy blanket and loads of cuddles.
2 years ago
I was actually surprised from the tenderness, care and love the act was done. In the start i was thinking he is an asshole, but nope.
2 years ago
You guys are gorgeous, nevermind the anonymous trolls of the internet. Keep having fun together
2 years ago
never seen a couple doing aftercare. was very intresting. I loved to see that "happy-sub-after-sex" look in your eyes. Its the same that I feel after a session. It was quite nice to see it in someone others face, i feel kina understood. thank you :)
PervertedWolf666 2 years ago
“Fear and misery my cunt wet”

Wow, just wow - you’re a keeper

He’s a lucky Dominant!

Bravo Sir, you’re doing Dom right
2 years ago
Hi! Think I'm the one who suggested a little talking scene and talking about safewords? Memory is super foggy but remember at least really wanting to comment and it sounds like something I would say, but can't find it now. randomly remembered you guys today, glad I did and glad you guys made that segment at the end. People don't often address things like this, and treat people with darker fantasies like freaks. Fantasy is just that, fantasy. It takes a lot of trust and communication.